Long Beach Directions for Visiting Belmont Shore

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An overview of Long Beach directions for beach parking and hours:

Belmont ShoreThe beach at Belmont Shore is fronted by Ocean Avenue. Parking is available on the streets and a parking lot is available near Belmont Pier.

Note: Belmont shore is a residential neighborhood and while it welcomes visitors to its beach, the neighborhood is full of one-way streets and few public facilities are available.

Marine Park and Mother’s BeachAppian Way below Second Street.A public parking lot is available.

Alamitos Bay BeachAccess is available along Ocean Avenue and Bay Shore Avenue. Like Belmont Shore, this is a residential neighborhood with street parking available.

For visitors planning to ride along the Belmont Shore bike path in Long Beach, Califoria, please note the city requires a bicycle license. Fee $1.

Long Beach Belmont Shore

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