Redondo Beach: Bonita Fishing, a Public Saltwater Pool and Miles of Beach

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Redondo Beach, just south of Los Angeles International Airport, is happy to sit nextdoor to a large power plant.

First reason: Salt water from the city's King Harbor pumps into the plant then back out via a man-made, enclosed salt water, chlorinated lagoon, creating the family-fun Seaside Lagoon Water Park.

Second reason: Sports fishermen love it here because the power plant keeps the harbor water the perfect temperature for bonita, the tuna-like fighting fish. In fact, thanks to the power plant, the harbor is known as one of the best bonito fisheries in California.

And third reason: About 75 yards offshore, the warm waters, combined with the city's naturally deep harbor and lack of large ships (they all head to San Pedro) support a highly varied marine life population in Redondo Submarine Canyon, a haven for scuba diving and one of only five submarine canyons in the area.


Around this -- as well as around an unusual horseshoe-shaped Redondo Beach Pier -- the city has developed an engaging family and retail area, with shops, restaurants, and water activities such as gondola rides, glass-bottomed boat tours, kayaks and pedal boats.

The harbor is also home to hotels and water activities such as gondola rides, glass-bottomed boat tours, kayaks and pedal boats. The harbor is also home to S.E.A. Lab, a family-oriented marine education facility.

Redondo Beach And for beach lovers, stretching off on either side, wide county beaches spread for miles, flanked by the 22-mile bicycle and jogging path that runs from north of Santa Monica of the South Bay.


The community started out as a farming area that evolved into a shipping economy, centered on its small deep-water harbor. when San Pedro took over as the main port for Los Angeles, Redondo's harbor became recreation-focused.

Restaurants now dot the waterfront, and while the city offers hotel accommodations, it's also an easy drive from anywhere else in the Los Angeles area.

Come in September to catch the Lobster Festival or on Superbowl Sunday for the city's annual 10K run.


The city is seven miles south of Los Angeles International Airport, easily accessible from the 405 Freeway.

Seaside Lagoon Water Park, County-run Beaches

Family-oriented Seaside Lagoon is an enclosed beach-side water park with the heated salt water swimming pool/lagoon, a sand beach, volleyball courts, a jungle gym-style play area and cabanas.

South of the harbor complex is the county-run Beach Park, popular for swimming, surfing, surf diving and volleyball. Like all beaches to its north and south, bicyclists, roller bladers and joggers love the 22-mile South Bay Jogging Path.

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Photos courtesy of Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau

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