Santa Monica Directions for Beach Parking and Hours.

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An overview of Santa Monica directions for beach parking and hours.

Santa Monica Beach is along Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica.Parking: Metered parking is near the pier, parking lots are also near the pier and south of the pier. Public parking structures are available a few blocks away, above Ocean Avenue.

Hours: Beach hours are 5 a.m. to midnight. The pier is open 24 hours.

Please note that Santa Monica Beach is an urban beach with lots of traffic and (sometimes) crowds. The city of Santa Monica takes parking enforcement seriously.

City meters generally cost $1 per hour and have a two-hour limit, but meters do vary.

The city also offers ten parking structures in the downtown area with two hours of free parking each day before 6 p.m., and these structures are only a few blocks from the beach.

In addition, at some short-term beach parking is available in numbered slots; payment is made at a central kiosk and a ticket posted in the car window.

Also many local restaurants and hotels offer valet parking for a fee, hotels may also make beach parking available for their guests.

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