Long Beach Lighthouse Inventory: A Three-fer

Long Beach lighthouse

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Long Beach Lighthouses -- would you believe there's three of them?

To start, check out the lighthouse in Rainbow Harbor (shown at left). Quaint, traditional and...old?

It's actually a faux lighthouse dedicated in 2000.

Called The Lighthouse for Sight, and presented as a gift from the local Lions Club, it symbolizes the club's fundraising for the visually impaired. Computerized colored lights in its base contribute to a nightly light show in the harbor.

It's not the only fake lighthouse in Long Beach Harbor: Parker's Lighthouse seafood restaurant on the water in the Shoreline Village area has an Atlantic coast-style lighthouse beacon capping its roof.

But Long Beach's lighthouse count doesn’t stop there.

The real lighthouse doesn't look like a lighthouse at all. Nicknamed the "Robot Light," the boxy, unmanned 1949 beacon was designed to withstand earthquakes, tidal waves and, obviously, from the photo in this next link, a bad case of the uglies.

For photos and more information about "The Robot," check out this Web site from some lighthouse enthusiasts.

Come back soon: we'll be adding more lighthouse images.

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