Hotel Del Coronado and Coronado Island

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When my friends Jayson and Hazel recently visited San Diego, they visited the famous Hotel Del Coronado, also known as "The Del." But first they saw San Diego Harbor which has statuary galore along the waterfront.

Fishbones and Hazel! San Diego Harbor Fish Bones statute

San Diego Harbor Sailor Statue

San Diego Harbor Bob Hope statue Jayson always stands out in a crowd! That's the U.S.S. Midway Museum in the background.

Hazel and the Midway: U.S.S. Midway Museum

Coronado Island and "The Del"

Coronado Island Ferry Landing They also visited Coronado Island! They were staying downtown, and took the ferry across the harbor (Free!). Here's the ferry landing on the island. Please note that if you're planning to take the ferry, call ahead and make sure it's running. A few weeks ago I read on CNN that they might stop the service.

San Diego skyline from Coronado Island Coronado Island is a great place to get a good shot of the San Diego skyline:

Coronado Island Bridge And here's Hazel in front of the Coronado Bridge:

San Diego Hotel Del Coronado Then they headed to "The Del." Hazel:

Hotel Del Coronado Jayson and Hazel:

The Del balcony Hazel on the balcony. This is open to the public, you can go up here, too!

They also went to La Jolla, where the beaches are small and cozy, (and OK, sometimes crowded). Read about their visit to La Jolla!

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Photos courtesy of Jayson

Rooftop San Diego at night

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