La Jolla in San Diego

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My friends Jayson and Hazel went to La Jolla in San Diego recently while they were staying for a weekend in downdown San Diego in the gaslamp district.

It made a great day trip away from the city center and the weather looks like this all year-round!

La Jolla in San Diego Cove Here's Hazel above La Jolla Cove:

La Jolla in San Diego overlook And on an outlook above the water:

La Jolla in San Diego Scripps Browning Park This is Ellen Browning Scripps Park in La Jolla. According to AAA magazine, this is the most photographed place in San Diego. (uh, OK…) Prob because this is a popular spot for weddings.

But hey, isn't Jayson talented?

Thai lunch overlooking the cove

They had lunch at Kitima Thai Cuisine in La Jolla, overlooking the water: Kitima extraordinary thai cuisine la jolla

Kitima Chicken Curry Chicken curry...

Potato cakes Potato cakes...

Kitima Sexy Princess Shrimp And the best title goes to this shrimp dish, called, "Sexy Princess."

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Photos courtesy of Jayson.

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